No Labels Nat’l Convention Chair Says Group Has ‘No Intention’ Of Spoiling 2024 Election

[Screenshot/Fox News/"Special Report with Bret Baier"]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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No Labels National Convention Chair Mike Rawlings stated Friday on Fox News that the centrist group has “no intention” of spoiling the 2024 election following the announcement of their plans to join the race.

Rawlings appeared on “Special Report With Bret Baier” to discuss the group’s confirmation Friday that they will be running a third-party “Unity Ticket” for the 2024 general election. Fox host Bret Baier questioned Rawlings behind the group’s motive for adding to the 2024 ballot and highlighted the 1992 presidential election in which Independent Texas candidate Ross Perot pulled votes away from Republicans and Democrats. (RELATED: No Labels Votes To Run ‘Unity Ticket’ For 2024 After Months Of Considering Bid)

“We agree with fellow Dallasite here, that we want to make sure there is a pathway to the White House, not to be a spoiler,” Rawlings said. “We have no intention there. We’re trying to stand up for this common sense majority that says, ‘This is broken, there’s gotta be another way.’ And that’s what America is screaming right now. So that’s what we’re looking for.”

Baier pressed the centrist group’s chair, asking about the expected timeline for when voters will know their candidate choice.

“Last thing, Mike – what’s your timeline? When would somebody know whether you all have found two candidates? A Republican/Democrat a Democrat/Republican, however it goes,” Baier asked.

“Well, first of all, next week’s going to be an important week,” Rawlings replied. “We’re going to kind of release the process so everybody will know exactly how we are moving forward and how those decisions are being made. That’s a question that a lot of people have. Then, after March 14 we’ll probably be deciding whether we’ve got a ticket or not and then take it back to the convention. The latest would be the first couple of weeks in April. So it’s going to be coming – this is what we said we would do. We said we wouldn’t do anything until Super Tuesday. We would come back to our delegates Super Tuesday and then we would go through this process. So now what’s happened is what we thought would happen, and now we’ve gotta kind of play our cards in this thing.”

With 800 delegates across the United States, the No Labels group is now expected to vet potential candidates for their third-party ticket. While major political names such as Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and former Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan were rumored to have been top choices, they have since been ruled out.