Reporter Claims Thousands Of Migrant Children Are Missing After Being Sent To ‘Shady’ Foster Homes

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Reporter and founder Anthony Rubin claimed Wednesday on Fox News that thousands of migrant children are now missing after being sent to “shady” foster homes throughout the United States.

Rubin appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss his recent reporting on migrant children allegedly being sent throughout the country to homes that have years of connections to sexual assault allegations. Rubin stated that since President Joe Biden came into office, thousands of migrant children have crossed the southern border unaccompanied, with no real government solution for what to do with them.

Rubin claimed that the kids have often been dropped “into the hands of traffickers, sex traffickers, and much worse,” with roughly 85,000 children now allegedly missing. (RELATED: Gov’t Agency Doles Out Thousands To Fund ‘Art Therapy’ Program For Young Illegal Immigrants)

“Three of the foster care homes the migrants were sent to are dealing with serious sexual assault allegations dating back decades. But they are still getting hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars. Anthony Rubin is the reporter who uncovered all of this and founder of Muckraker,” Watters stated. “What is the government up to here?”

“Well, you have half a million children who have come over the border unaccompanied since Joe Biden became president of the United States. And what are you going to do with them? Let them loose in the streets? We’ll be like the country of India, right? So we don’t want to do that. There’s really no good solution but the solution is to load these kids into black vans after their ‘sponsors’ have been vetted — it’s not really a vetting procedure, we can get into that,” Rubin stated.

“A lot of times they are dropped into the hands of traffickers, sex traffickers, and much worse. And they’re driven across the country and dropped off at these homes and 85,000 have gone missing, and that’s what’s going on. There’s really no good answer when you have half a million children coming across the border in a very short time period.”

Watters continued to ask the reporter why the government would continue to “fund” the operation if it’s known that children are allegedly being paired up with either “fake sponsors” who are potentially child sex traffickers or put into foster care homes that allegedly have a “long recorded” history of “pedophilia and sexually exploitive behavior.” Rubin stated that due to the number of kids crossing the border, there is “nothing else” the government can do, emphasizing the process the children go through.

“Because they don’t have a choice. What exactly else are they going to do with all these kids that are coming across the border? There’s nothing else they can do with them. What I want to say is this, people need to understand how shady this operation is, how shady this vetting procedure is. When these kids come across, they come across with a note that says I’m going to this address, here’s the number, here’s the person I’m going to, right? Then within 72 hours, border patrol hands these kids off to ORR that’s under the HSS — Department of Health and Human Services, and you have the Office of Refugee Resettlement,” Rubin stated.

“What they do is they do a vetting procedure to try to see, ‘Okay is this really the parent, guardian, relative, or whoever they say of this child,’ right? There have been instances, one such instance, is when there was a person who worked for ORR who reported a case of human trafficking to a government hotline because the superiors were not doing anything about it and they were actually fired for doing so, if you could believe that.”

Reports regarding sponsors for unaccompanied minors not being properly vetted surfaced last year after Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) employee Tara Lee Rodas spoke to the Daily Caller about the issue. Rodas additionally testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement on the exploitation of unaccompanied children, alleging that children, some as young as 10 and 11 years old, were “working” to “pay back the cartels.”