Georgia Passes School Choice Bill After Three Year Fight

Screenshoot/Youtube/Georgia House of Representatives

Frances Floresca Contributor
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The Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would provide education savings accounts for students at the state’s lowest performing schools.

Senate Bill 233, the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act, is now headed back to the Senate for concurrence and is expected to be signed by Gov. Brian Kemp, who said “there are no more next years” when it comes to passing school choice in the state. It passed with a 91 to 82 vote. (RELATED: Holdout Georgia Republicans Kill School Choice Legislation)

For students attending the state’s schools that are at the bottom 25% in terms of academic achievement, the bill would provide $6,500 education savings accounts. The money could be spent on private school tuition, as well as items and services including home study supplies, tutoring and therapy.

In 2023, 16 Georgia House Republicans voted against the measure, killing the legislation. However, seven Republicans and a Democrat flipped to vote for the school choice legislation in 2024.

The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act was originally introduced in 2022, but it did not get voted on in the legislature.

Patty Marie Stinson was the lone Democrat who voted for the bill. In 2023, one Democrat, Mesha Mainor, voted for the school choice measure, but she has since become a Republican.

“We are going to empower our parents to make the best educational decisions for their children and give them the tools to succeed for generations to come!” Republican House Speaker John Burns said in a statement after the vote.