‘Politically, It’s So Stupid’: MSNBC Guest Pushes Back At Host On Biden Camp’s Social Media Strategy


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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MSNBC guest Elise Jordan pushed back at “Way Too Early” host Jonathan Lemire Thursday morning on the Biden campaign’s social media strategy.

President Joe Biden said he would sign into law a bill passed in the House Wednesday that could lead to a ban of video-sharing app TikTok in the United States. Despite his support for the bill, Biden’s reelection campaign continues to post videos of the president on TikTok. Jordan called the strategy “so stupid” during a discussion with Lemire on “Morning Joe.”

“He said he’ll sign this even though the Biden campaign just recently jumped on TikTok, and they know that’s where a lot of voters are, particularly the young voters they need to reach,” Lemire said.

“Politically, it’s so stupid,” Jordan remarked.

“But it is — you know, they have trotted out the national security concerns. We’ve heard Donald Trump, of course, flip-flop on this. When he he was president, his administration moved on its way to banning it. They didn’t follow through, but he was hawkish on it,” Lemire responded. “And now, of course, he’s suggesting he’d like to support it because of chances to win votes. And because the donor there, uh, who could give him money whose an investor.”

“But, and one point about that, though,” Jordan interjected. “The wheels might have been churning during the Trump administration, but Donald Trump had probably very little to do with that. Politically now, he sees the winds. He’s very good at seeing where the wind of public opinion is going.”

The House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday that would force Chinese company ByteDance to sell TikTok in order for the social media website to remain accessible in the United States. The Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act passed with a bipartisan vote of 352 to 65, sending the legislation to the Senate. (RELATED: ‘Kinda Weird’: Fox News Host Questions Republicans’ Sudden Cold Feet On TikTok Ban)

Former President Donald Trump warned against banning TikTok on Thursday, concerned that doing so would benefit Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Trump previously attempted to ban the video-sharing app through executive orders, but federal judges ruled against doing so and Biden repealed the executive orders in 2021.