Chicago Set To Start Migrant Shelter Evictions Sunday

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Chicago is set to proceed with a plan to evict thousands of migrants from city and state shelters starting Sunday.

About 34 shelter residents, originally scheduled for departure in January 2025, will leave Sunday, with some exemptions tailored to case-specifics, including extensions for households with children, according to the news release.

“Our city is committed to compassion,” said Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. “By encouraging resettlement while also providing case-specific extensions with a focus on health and safety, we are advancing a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency.”

Johnson said the city is constantly looking for solutions to improve care for all its residents.

“While we know Chicago’s limited resources cannot meet the full scale of need across the New Arrivals Mission we are constantly evaluating options that will lead to better care for all Chicagoans,” he continued.

There are 14,700 individuals who have left shelters in the Chicago area through resettlement, while “5,200 people have reunited with family and friends through out-migration,” bringing the total number of supported individuals to 19,900, according to the news release. There are 4,155 individuals who are currently getting help to find permanent housing, according to the release.

City authorities announced plans to relocate 2,026 individuals from temporary shelters by the end of April; the process begins Sunday, with 35 people leaving, according to NBC News. By the end of the month, 244 migrants will have been moved, while the remaining 1,782 are set to depart throughout April, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Chicago Suburb Declares Emergency After Arrival Of Roughly 100 Migrants)

Following the city’s November announcement of a 60-day shelter stay limit, migrants face widespread eviction, pushing them to find other housing options or request reassignment when reaching this limit, NBC News reported. After facing delays due to harsh winter weather, staffing problems and opposition from advocacy groups and officials, the policy is being implemented, according to the outlet.

11,210 people were living in 23 shelters operated by the city and state, the outlet stated, citing a city census. Since 2022, more than 37,100 migrants have come to Chicago, many due to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to tighten border controls, according to the outlet. The influx has increased the need for housing and stretched social services, a challenge faced not only by Chicago but also other cities such as Denver and New York.