Chaos Erupts At Turkish Soccer Game After Fans Storm Field, Fight Players


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A Turkish soccer match quickly turned ugly Sunday when fans of Super Lig’s Trabzonspor stormed the field and attacked players on the opposing team after their squad lost 3-2 to Fenerbahce, video posted to Twitter shows.

The fracas erupted when one fan ran onto the field while Fenerbahce was celebrating their road victory at midfield. Players quickly swarmed around the trespasser, but his recklessness appeared to embolden other Trabzonspor fans … at which point all hell broke loose.

Scores of fans bum rushed the field, attacking players and officials alike. (RELATED: Star Athlete Left Speechless After Reporter Asks Him To Go Home With Her During Interview)

At one point, Nigerian defender Bright Osayi-Samuel absolutely clocks a dude who was coming at a female referee.

This league is truly insane. I don’t know what’s going on in Turkey, if this is the norm or not, but this game was absolutely wild. Not only did it end in a full on brawl, but fans were pelting the field with objects all match, including tossing, at one point, what appeared to be smoke bombs onto the field.

And the players just navigated around flaming, smoking objects and carried on like it was nothing. Like, what is that?

On one hand I kind of respect it. If you can play in conditions like that, just locked into flow state dodging flaming munitions and amateur judo kicks, you can make it anywhere.