Watch Elon Musk’s Face As He Has To Explain To Don Lemon For The Third Time How Hypotheticals Work

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Tech mogul Elon Musk had to explain three times to fired CNN host Don Lemon how hypotheticals work during their widely circulated interview that aired Monday.

Musk argued that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs could lower the standards for medical personnel and ultimately lead to death and malpractice. Lemon continuously argued there was no evidence, leading Musk to try to explain that it was a hypothetical.

“What evidence do you have though that that’s lowering the standards? There’s no evidence of that,” Lemon said.

“Well, I believe there is,” Musk said.

“There’s no evidence of that, Elon,” Lemon repeated. “What is the evidence?”

“I believe they have literally lowered the standards at Duke University and that’s what the article is referring to,” Musk explained.

“There’s no evidence. There’s no evidence that it’s lowering standards and I think there is—” Lemon said.

“I believe that is a false statement you’re making,” Musk said.

Lemon pointed to Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, who posted in a Twitter thread how DEI has lowered the standards but nowhere did he mention that it has killed people. He cited unspecific research that allegedly found that DEI has not harmed patients, and that only 5% of doctors are black. (RELATED: ‘You Desperately Want Censorship’: Musk Scolds Don Lemon During Clash On ‘Content Moderation’)

Musk repeatedly argued to Lemon that DEI could hypothetically kill patients if the medical standard is lowered.

“I think that is yet an issue, but it could become an issue,” Musk told Lemon.

“Okay, but the actual evidence and history shows the exact opposite if you show how minorities are treated by the medical system,” Lemon said. “Most doctors now are white and they’re lots of mistakes in medicine, so you’re saying that white doctors have bad medical care? I’m trying to understand your logic here when it comes to DEI because there’s not actual evidence of what you’re saying.”

“No, I said so if the standards, like let’s say I think that thing was referring to surgeons, let’s say a surgeon in training is asked to do a series of operations under the supervision of a senior surgeon and they get a bunch of those operations wrong, if that happens, and if they are still approached to be a surgeon, the probability that someone will die at some point is high,” Musk said.

“Okay, but that’s not happening. That’s a hypothetical, that doesn’t mean it’s happening,” Lemon argued.

“I didn’t say it was happening,” Musk said.

“You did say it was happening,” Lemon said.

“I said it will,” Musk replied. “I said, if we lower standards people will die.”

Lemon further lectured Musk on the poor medical treatment of racial minorities, and suggested Musk is blaming DEI for white doctors making medical mistakes. Musk said there are many findings of “significant standards” being lowered by DEI.

He further questioned Musk on whether white male pilots are superior to women or minorities following a faulty door panel on a plane that led to an emergency landing. Musk repeated that the standards should not be lowered.

“I think everyone can agree that you shouldn’t lower standards,” Lemon said. “But you’re implying that they’re lowering standards because of people of color or women because someone is not a white male, you’re saying that they’re less skilled and less intelligent.”

“No, I’m not saying that,” Musk said. “I’m simply saying that they are—”

“Then why would it be lowering the standards?” Lemon asked.

“I don’t know, why are they lowering the standards?” Musk asked, leading Lemon to point out how more pilots are white males.

Musk said an individual should only be hired for their skill set and talent, and not their race and gender.

The former CNN host pressed Musk on content moderation and the need to post accurate information. Musk said the platform will correct his potential false statements.

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