IDF Claims Over 100 Hamas Fighters Killed After Wrapping Up Operation In Terrorist Stronghold


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced Tuesday that it has concluded its operations in a residential complex after eliminating over 100 Hamas fighters there, The Times of Israel reported.

The IDF’s raid into the multistory Hamad residential complex in southern Khan Yunis started  “earlier this month” and was carried out by Israeli commando units, tweeted Emanuel Fabian, a military correspondent for The Times of Israel. (RELATED: High Ranking Hamas Official Killed, White House Says: REPORT)

“In one building, used by the deputy commander of a Hamas battalion in Khan Younis, the IDF says the troops captured a cache of weapons. More than 100 gunmen were killed in the operation, and buildings used by Hamas, including some that were booby-trapped, were destroyed, according to the IDF,” Fabian wrote.

Fabian also attached a photo of military equipment the IDF found at the complex, as well as a video of the operation.

Joe Truzman, a senior analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, tweeted out an English subtitled version of that video.

The video depicted IDF infantry and tanks operating in an urban environment as soldiers moved door-to-door.

The IDF has previously posted numerous videos depicting the intense combat occurring in the area. One video showed Israeli forces spotting and eliminating four gunmen in one building. The IDF claimed on March 6 that 250 Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters in the area had surrendered.

Capturing Khan Yunis is an important objective for the IDF, which claims that the city houses the training grounds where fighters prepared for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack, and that Yahya Sinwar — the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip — may be hiding in the city’s vast underground tunnel network.

By Feb. 22, the IDF estimated that Hamas and other Gazan terrorist organizations had lost around 13,000 fighters since the war began in October, The Times of Israel reported.