IDF Releases Video Showing Elimination Of Hamas Gunmen In Heated Battle


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage Thursday showing the spotting and elimination of four Hamas gunmen in a residential area of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spotted these gunmen operating in the city of Khan Yunis’ Hamad Town residential complex and used two different methods to kill the operatives, Emanuel Fabian, a military correspondent for The Times of Israel, reported. (RELATED: IDF Releases Video Of Hamas Official Hadi Ali Mustafa Getting Smoked)

A squad of Israeli commandos breached into the building complex used by the terrorists and managed to eliminate two of the four in a heated gun battle, according to the IDF, Fabian reported.

“The IDF says two of the gunmen were killed in the battle with the commandos, while the other two were killed in an airstrike against the building shortly after,” Fabian tweeted alongside a video of the violent interaction.

The video opened with close-up drone footage of two Hamas operatives in a building. IDF pointed out that both militants had guns on them by highlighting the weapons. One gunmen appeared to be examining the area outside a window and looked straight toward the drone. The gunmen then turned around without indication that they saw the drone.

A different clip showed black and white footage of the two gunmen. The video turned to color following a blast within the building. The gunmen could be seen retreating following a visible gas or smoke cloud entering the room they were in. A third clip showed the building with the gunmen in it suddenly exploding.

The IDF’s ongoing operations in the Hamad neighborhood in Khan Yunis has yielded success so far. Over 250 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters have surrendered to the IDF in that area alone, according to The Times of Israel.

Khan Yunis is an important base for Hamas as it contained their training grounds that were used to prepare for the Oct. 7 attacks into southern Israel.

Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, is reportedly hiding underneath the city in its vast tunnel network system. The IDF published footage on Feb. 13 from early in the war that showed a figure who looked like Sinwar walking through the Khan Yunis tunnel system.