Mommy Vlogger Ruby Franke’s Abuse Diaries Released

(Screenshot/YouTube/Law&Crime Network)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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Ruby Franke’s journal entries, which detailed abuse over several months, were shared by authorities Friday.

These writings, though largely redacted for privacy, reveal Franke’s belief that her son was under demonic possession. In one of the entries, she said that she asked the child to fast and pray for being defiant. “I told R that he needs God. I invited him to fast and pray… He is workable and calm for a bit then angry, defiant the next. The only constant thing about R is that he lies,” the once popular family vlogger from Utah wrote in the journal.

In another entry, she called July 11, 2023 as a “big day for evil,” she asked her son to stand in the sun with his hat on. When he didn’t listen and stayed in the shade, Franke thought he was being stubborn. So, she pushed him into the sun and used a cactus to make him move.

“R was told to stand in the sun w/his sun hat,” Franke continued. “He is defiant. … R, or I should say his demon, stays in the shade. I push R into the sun. R comes back. I come back with a cactus poker. When I poke his back to get in the sun R doesn’t even flinch. I poke him on the neck. He is in a trance & doesn’t appear to feel anything. Jodi taps him on the cheeks to wake him up.” (RELATED: REPORT: Mommy Vlogger Ruby Franke Arrested After Allegedly Abused Child Climbed Out Of Window)

The mommy-vlogger then asked her son if he knows how much his family and “savior” care about him. She decides to pour mop water on him to get him to leave the shade. “I take my mop water and go to R,” she wrote. “I show R the water. Then I pour the water on R. It’s hot outside. ‘It feels good, doesn’t it?’ Yes.”

Franke also mentioned her son getting pushed into a pool that day. She talked about covering his face with her hands and asking if he’s ever listened to someone talk underwater. “I know R is in there somewhere. I know deep down under all this anger you can hear me,” she wrote. “It may sound like I’m underwater with you but hear me, ‘I love you.'”

The court sentenced Ruby Franke, and her partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, to up to 60 years in jail for child abuse, as previously reported. Franke got the maximum sentence allowed in Utah, which is four sentences of one to 15 years each, served one after the other. Both admitted guilt in December, with Franke admitting to harming her children by starving them and dunking their heads in water.