REPORT: Brooklyn Kidnapping Case Collapses As Victim Stops Helping Prosecutors

[THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images]

Mariane Angela Contributor
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State prosecutors are set to dismiss charges against two men allegedly involved in the Brooklyn kidnapping of a doctor after the victim refuses to cooperate, New York Post reported Monday.

Connecticut prosecutors plan to drop charges against two Anthony Benjamin, 42, and Steve Daley, 50, accused of kidnapping Michael Bautista in Brooklyn. The case began when Bautista, an ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon was reportedly abducted outside the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub last summer, according to the New York Post. Benjamin and Daley were accused of forcing Bautista into a frenzied spending spree throughout New York City.

Bautista was reportedly made to pay for his captors’ expensive weekend, buying them clothes, haircuts and paying for a strip club, among other things. Benjamin is alleged to have made Bautista take out money from ATMs, which he then gave to friends, the outlet added.

The case faced a major roadblock after Bautista chose not to help the prosecutors, making it hard to continue without his testimony. Joseph Valdes, an assistant attorney, said in a February hearing that they can’t move forward without Bautista. As a result, the charges against Daley were dropped Feb. 26, and Benjamin’s charges are likely to be dropped Apr. 15, New York Post stated. (RELATED: Video Shows Mom Chase Alleged Kidnapper After He Grabs, Runs Off With Teenage Daughter)

Benjamin and Daley were arrested July 23 at the hospital where Bautista works, a few days after the alleged kidnapping, New York Post reported. Initially facing high bail, doubts about the evidence reduced their obligation to a promise to appear in court. While the case’s dismissal could ease Daley’s legal troubles, Benjamin is still detained at Rikers Island on separate theft charges.