‘Going Into The Lion’s Den’: Megyn Kelly Slams NBC, MSNBC Hosts Over Ronna McDaniel Debut

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly slammed NBC and MSNBC hosts Monday over their reaction to former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s debut on the network.

Both NBC and MSNBC have suffered an “internal backlash” following McDaniel’s hiring as a paid contributor, with various anchors and producers expressing concern about the former RNC chairwoman’s previous ties to former President Donald Trump, according to The Wall Street Journal. Kelly blasted NBC’s Chuck Todd over his reaction to McDaniel’s hiring.

“I have to tell you, I considered sending her a text, like, ‘Good luck.’ Really, truly. As somebody who is on the right-side, walking into that building — talk about going into the lion’s den,” Kelly said. “But she’s a big girl. And she can handle herself, so I thought it might be, I don’t know, somehow dismissive or condescending, so I didn’t do that.”

“Well, I should have done it because she needed the good luck during her debut weekend, which didn’t go so well,” she continued.

McDaniel made her first NBC appearance Sunday on Kristen Welker’s “Meet the Press,” where former “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd lashed out at the former RNC chair shortly following her debut. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Deletes Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Post After Reply From Elon Musk)

“He’s very confused about the fact that when she’s the RNC spokesperson, she wasn’t just out there spewing the opinions of Ronna McDaniel. She was actually being paid to be a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, which is a group of people who drive policy within the Republican Party and try to get the results that they want. It’s not the Ronna McDaniel committee,” Kelly said.

“And that now that she’s with NBC News she is free to provide her own independent political analysis,” the radio host continued. “What has made him confused about that? The fact that she’s accepting an NBC paycheck? I don’t get it.”

“Because he seemed very capable to make the proper distinctions when NBC hired Jen Psaki — remember Jen Psaki? You seemed to understand it perfectly. In fact, Chuck Todd, you promoted her show, which was being launched on MSNBC — which is even more partisan than NBC — just as she launched it,” Kelly recalled.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki negotiated her deal with MSNBC before leaving the Biden administration. At the time, Todd embraced Psaki by having her on his show. He described Psaki’s debut as “very exciting” and urged viewers to watch her program in a lip provided by Megyn Kelly.

“You only have to apologize when you hire the conservatives, you see,” Kelly said. “When you hire the liberal mouthpieces from, you know, the White House or the RNC or the DNC, it’s a different story.”