‘She Thought I Was F*cking Joe Rogan’: Video Shows Dana White’s Hilarious Response To Former ESPN Host’s Mix-Up

Screenshot/YouTube/Sage Steele Podcast

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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UFC founder Dana White had a hilarious reaction when former-ESPN host Sage Steele mixed him up with Joe Rogan during a Tuesday episode of “The Sage Steele Show.”

“What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?” Steele asked White as the interview was nearing its end.

“What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?” White repeated incredulously.

“Joe Rogan, Dana White,” she corrected herself, patting White on the leg. “What’s Dana White’s dream?”

“Did you just think I was Joe Rogan?” White asked.

“I totally did, I totally did,” she replies.

“She just called me fucking Joe Rogan!” White says to someone offscreen.

“You thought I was fucking Joe Rogan!” he then exclaims to her, albeit with a smile on his face.

Steele, head hanging in shame, replies, “Yeah I did. I thought you were Joe Rogan,” though she later repeated the phrase in a different tone that seemed to indicate sarcasm.

“I was bald before Joe was ever bald!” White joked.

HAAA. This is so funny. This was obviously a brain fart from Steele. It came at the tail end of a nearly-90 minute interview. She obviously didn’t think she was interviewing Joe Rogan the whole time. But that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. (RELATED: ‘We Are Gonna Regret This’: Sage Steele Slams ESPN’s Silence On Trans Participation In Women’s Sports)

Steele did, however, recover smoothly by offering some genuinely touching praise of White and Rogan’s courage.

“Joe Rogan and Dana White are the only two … I have the respect for because of how you freaking stood up and support others.”

The pair of bald bros are obviously close. White hired Rogan to commentate for the UFC in 1997 and has repeatedly gone to bat for him since. It’s an honest mistake to mix them up, even if only for a moment. Steele will no doubt get razzed about this for weeks by friends and co-workers alike. Though on the bright side, it’ll probably drive more traffic to the interview. (RELATED: Dana White Says ‘This Motherf*cker Will Burn’ Before He Lets Joe Rogan Get Fired From UFC)

As for White, he should be honored to be compared to the greatest mass media mogul our generation has ever seen. Of course, White has done pretty well for himself in his own right and is technically Rogan’s employer.

Either way, I’d be honored to get confused for either one of these guys.