‘Like A Horror Movie’: Reporter Details ‘Shocking’ Stories From Migrant Tent City, With Some Praising Biden

[Screenshot/Fox News/"Jesse Watters Primetime"]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Reporter and founder Anthony Rubin detailed Thursday on Fox News the “shocking” stories he uncovered from the inside of three of New York’s migrant shelters.

Rubin appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss his newly released footage of going inside migrant shelters in New York, such as Randall’s Island and Row Hotel. Before asking Rubin what was the most shocking thing he witnessed, Fox host Jesse Watters played clips that showed migrants claiming they had received IDs and medical insurance while they were still waiting to obtain asylum. Some were also recorded praising President Joe Biden due to his support of migrants. (RELATED: New York City Residents Say Quality Of Life Has Dropped As Crime, Illegal Immigration Swell)

“This wasn’t the only such compound that we visited. We also obtained footage from the Row Hotel in Manhattan, that is actually the fifth largest hotel in Manhattan and from Randall’s Island. For example, at Randall’s Island, you have people right there, like right next to the compound – illegal aliens who were selling marijuana,” Rubin stated.

“At the Row Hotel, there is security who admit that there are stories of people who slit their wrists and killed themselves and nobody knew that they were dead in their hotel room until they saw blood pooling out from under the door. There were also stories of people throwing themselves off the roof and people walking into the hotel armed with pistols – so things like that. It’s all pretty shocking, to be honest with you. It’s like a horror movie.”

“So what about these people that say they’re getting all of these freebies? They’re getting Medicaid, they’re getting IDs, they’re getting social security? What is that about?” Watters pressed.

“This is about a permanent, essentially, underclass. Because he who pays the piper, picks the tune. And so who are the pipers? All of these people that are coming into the United States living on the government dollar, and of course we all know how they are going to vote. This is, of course, very strategic. There’s a reason why these people are being treated better than home-born American citizens. Because they are being used, a new imported voter base is what you’re looking at here. That’s why they’re being given all these benefits,” Rubin stated.

Migrants entering from the southern border have flooded New York due to its sanctuary city status, leaving the city overwhelmed as they have taken in more than 175,000, according to NPR. As officials have set up migrant shelters throughout the city, many city residents’ later pushed back against the move as some stated that migrants had been begging locals for cash, food and clothes.

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced in March that the city would be enacting stricter regulations on the shelter as the crisis continued. Officials agreed that migrants would have to leave shelters after 30 days and not be able to reapply unless there were “extenuating circumstances.” Additionally, migrants under 23 years old would be allowed for 60 days within the shelters, with migrant families unaffected by the new regulations