‘Disdain For The American People’: Fmr Sen Judiciary Comm Aide Rips Biden’s Leadership, Praises Trump In Comparison

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Senate Judiciary Committee Aide Garrett Ventry ripped President Joe Biden’s leadership and praised President Donald Trump, Friday on Fox News.

Ventry appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss a recent report of Biden being described as an “alpha” while on stage, following his reelection campaign fundraiser Thursday evening in New York City. Fox guest host Brian Kilmeade asked the former aide his thoughts regarding Biden’s leadership as his fundraiser was the same day as slain New York City Department (NYPD) officer Jonathan Diller’s wake, which Trump had attended.

Ventry called out the president’s contrasting actions to Trump’s, noting that Biden has yet to visit both East Palestine, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland after the cities faced major tragic incidents. (RELATED: Nassau County Exec Says Trump Was ‘Source Of Comfort’ To Slain NYPD Officer’s Family During Wake)

“President Trump is setting up a clear contrast here for the American people,” Ventry stated. “You have Joe Biden standing with one of the dumbest people in television, Stephen Colbert, and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at a ritzy fundraiser where it’s raised $25 million. And he’s [Trump] sitting with the family of a slain police officer here, and that’s what America wants in a commander-in-chief. You saw this, you know – Joe Biden still hasn’t been to Baltimore. President Trump went to East Palestine, Ohio, during the train derailment, as you remember, and Joe Biden still hasn’t gone there. He has a disdain for the American people and the American worker.”

“That’s why President Trump continues to trounce him in every single poll, including your Fox poll,” he continued. “He’s up five [points], he’s looking very well. He’s chipping away at all of his coalitions here. And we’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden is like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne is hilarious to me. He can barely walk up the stairs, he can barely string together two or three sentences. And if that’s the clip that the White House is pushing then Joe Biden is in deep trouble if that’s what ‘alpha’ looks like.”

Following the first day of Diller’s wake, Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman stated Trump appeared to be a “source of comfort” for Diller’s family as the 34-year-old was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop earlier this week. Blakeman described how Trump addressed each family member individually to offer “his condolences,” and said the former president received a “rousing ovation” from the 200 guests as he left.

Biden offered his condolences to Diller’s family while speaking with Democratic NYC Mayor Eric Adams before attending his star-studded fundraiser at Radio Music City Hall alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. However, during the night of his event chaos erupted outside due to pro-Palestine protests, with one protester even interrupting a panel discussion during the fundraiser.