Botswana Threatens To Send 20,000 Elephants To Germany Over Proposed ‘Trophy Hunting’ Rules

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The president of Botswana threatened to flood Germany with 20,000 of its elephants if the European country attempts to place restrictions on animal parts gleaned from “trophy hunts” in his country.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi suggested he will send 20,000 live elephants to Germany in response to threats to restrict trophy hunting imports by the German environment ministry, according to a BBC report published Wednesday. Speaking to Bild, the Botswana president said, “live together with the animals, in the way you are trying to tell us to … 20,000 wild elephants for Germany. It’s not a joke.”

Botswana is home to approximately one third of the elephant population in Africa, around 130,000, with the population having tripled since 1984, according to comments Masisi made in March, Sky News reported. Botswana lifted a five-year ban on big-game hunting to control the swelling numbers, which he described as “in constant conflict with humans.”

Masisi has also called a proposed U.K. ban on big trophy hunting a “resurgence of a colonial conquest” and made a similar offer to transport 10,000 of the animals to London’s Hyde Park. (RELATED: Biden Admin Spending Up To $300K In Taxpayer Money To Boost LGBT ‘Social Acceptance’ In Botswana) 

The Humane Society International named Germany as the biggest destination for elephant hunting trophies in Europe, according to a New York Post report, with Belgian and France among other major EU nations banning the import of the items.

In response to a request to comment from AFP, a German spokeswoman claimed the Federal Ministry for Environment had not been contacted by Botswana’s government about the issue.

“In light of the alarming loss of biological diversity, we have a special responsibility to do everything to ensure the import of hunting trophies is sustainable and legal.”