Kamala Harris Makes Her Most Bizarre False Claim Yet, This Time About … Brackets

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Vice President Kamala Harris must be getting used to the taste of toes considering her foot is perpetually in her mouth.

The Veep was at it again Thursday, confidently espousing blatant falsehoods, this time about a cause supposedly near and dear to her heart. She made a bizarre claim that women’s basketball didn’t have a bracket until 2022 in a Thursday interview with Spectrum News.

“Do you know? Ok, a bit of a history lesson,” Harris told Spectrum News’ Tim Boynum. “Do you know that the women’s teams were not allowed to have brackets until 2022? Think about that… talk about progress, you know? Better late than ever,” Harris told Boynum.

Kamala, of course, is wrong. The women have had their own March-Madness style NCAA Tournament since 1982. Before that, they had a bracket-style tournament under the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women from 1972 to 1982. There’s references to women’s brackets online dating back to at least 1998, and offline versions were likely floating around offices and e-mail chains long before that.

Harris herself even tweeted about her husband’s bracket in 2021! A full year before the 2022 date she said was the first year for women’s brackets! Massive self-own, Kamala!

Now, is it possible Harris was referring to the fact that the “March Madness” trademark was only applied to the women’s tournament in 2022 versus the men’s original 1989 trademark? Sure, I’d say it’s even likely that that’s what she meant. But if that is the case, why is the second most powerful person on the planet so incredibly bad at enunciating her own thoughts? Communication is one of the most fundamentally basic skills for a good leader to possess. And this woman, who is one heartbeat away from the presidency, can’t even organize her thoughts sufficiently enough to not sound like an absolute moron on a weekly basis? How is that even possible?

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