Hezbollah Special Forces Commander Gets Airstriked


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced Monday that they successfully eliminated Ali Ahmed Hassin, a commander of a Hezbollah elite force, in a strike in southern Lebanon.

Hassan was the commander of Hezbollah’s “Radwan Forces in the Hajir region,” according to the IDF’s tweet.

“Responsible for planning and carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians in northern Israel, Hassin was a senior operative and held a rank equivalent to that of brigade commander,” the IDF said. “He was eliminated in a strike carried out by IAF fighter jets in southern Lebanon.” (RELATED: Israel-Iran Standoff Threatens To Put American Troops Back In The Crosshairs, Experts Say)

The video of the airstrike was tweeted out by Joe Truzman, a senior Middle Eastern analyst at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Truzman said “[t]wo other Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the strike” in addition to Hassin.

The black and white clip showed an aerial view of the explosion and the debris from the fallout.

Hezbollah appeared to acknowledge the death of Hassan and others in the explosion when they released what appear to be images of the men. “Hezbollah mourns the death of Ali Hassin and Ahmed al-Din, killed by Israeli fire,” Truzman posted while tweeting out those images.

The Radwan special forces unit, which Hassin was assigned, is tasked by Hezbollah with infiltrating Israeli territory and conquering the Galilee, according to the Alma Research and Education Center, an organization that monitors Israel’s northern border. Hezbollah has been launching rockets and other projectile attacks on Israel in solidarity with Hamas since Oct. 8.