‘Smoked That Iranian General’: Sen. Fetterman Praises Israel, Urges Continued Support For Ally

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman praised Israel during a CNN interview Sunday and expressed the United States should continue its support for the key Middle East ally.

Fetterman appeared on “State of the Union” to discuss his reaction to Iran’s attack, which included the launch of an estimated 300 drones and missiles against Israel on Saturday. CNN host Jake Tapper questioned Fetterman, asking if he believed a war could “escalate” between the two countries. (RELATED: John Kirby Says US Not Seeking Escalation After Iran Attack, But Defense For Israel Will Continue)

“Well, a couple things, actually. I think it really demonstrates how it’s astonishing that we are not standing firmly with Israel and there should never be any kind of conditions on all that. When a nation can launch hundreds of drones towards Israel, I’m not going to be talking about conditions, ever,” Fetterman stated.

“Second, I think that also was [sic] Iran had to have some fireworks after Israel smoked that Iranian general — and I am here for that — and I think it’s just a matter of theater — part of it is, well, too [sic]. And finally, it demonstrates how unstable things are and why we need to lean in and stand with Israel.”

Following the attack, Israeli officials claimed 99% of the drones and cruise and ballistic missiles were shot down by their military defenses and allies such as the United States. President Biden met Sunday with G7 leaders who stated they “unequivocally condemn in the strongest terms Iran’s direct and unprecedented attack against Israel.”

While Biden administration officials noted the U.S. is not seeking to further escalate the tension between the two countries, Israeli President Isaac Herzog stated the country has not landed on a response yet.

“We’re considering it all. We’re acting cool-headedly and lucidly,” Herzog told CNN. “I think we’re operating in a very focused way and very responsible way and I’m sure there will be a decision accordingly that will make sure that we protect and defend the people of Israel.”