Horrifying Video Appears To Show Moment Elderly Man Allegedly Shoots Uber Driver


Samuel Spencer Contributor
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An elderly man was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a woman in South Charleston, Ohio, after both were targeted by an organized scam.

William Brock, 81, is being accused of murdering Lo-Letha Hall, 61, after he allegedly shot her multiple times when she went to his house to pick up an Uber package on March 25. The two individuals were allegedly targeted by the same scam caller, according to

Police responded to Brock’s 911 call after he told them he had shot someone attempting a robbery at his home. When authorities arrived, they found Hall on the ground with multiple gun wounds and Brock with several wounds to his head and ear, reports

Before the alleged shooting, Brock reportedly received a call from a scammer threatening the 81-year-old and demanding money. At the same time, Hall received an Uber assignment to go and pick up a package at Brock’s address, most likely placed by the scammer or an accomplice. When Hall arrived, Brock reportedly believed he was being robbed and Hall never knew a scammer called Brock.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brock, accusing him of murdering Hall, according to WHIO. Last week, Brock was reportedly charged with one count of murder by the Clark County Municipal Court.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office explained the charges in a release, according to WHIO. (RELATED: Police Arrest Man On Manslaughter Charges In Connection To Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Girl, Police Say)

“Due to there being no active threat presented by Ms. Hall at any time during the encounter, and Mr. Brock’s failure to contact authorities for assistance while brandishing a firearm, during which he fired at and struck Ms. Hall multiple times, he was arrested and charged with Murder.”

Hall allegedly tried to get in her car and leave, but Brock held her at gunpoint. He took her phone and wouldn’t let her go, and when she tried to get in her car to run away, he shot her three times. Brock then called 911, according to