REPORT: 5 Students Shot During Senior Skip Day Festivities In Maryland


Mariane Angela Contributor
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Five students were shot Friday during the senior skip day festivities in Maryland, Fox News reported.

A senior skip day celebration turned violent with a shooting that injured five teenagers, aged 16 to 18, according to Fox News. The incident took place at Prince George’s County, where a large gathering of high school students was abruptly disrupted by gunfire around 2:30 p.m., according to Greenbelt Police Chief Rick Bowers during a Friday evening press conference, according to Fox News.

The shooting resulted in one victim being critically injured, while the other four have been reported as stable, Fox News reported.

“My heart breaks for them. These are just kids trying to have a good time,” Bowen said in a statement, Fox News reported.”This is a horrible, tragic, senseless act that happened today. There is no reason that this occurred. These were seniors or senior skip day.” (RELATED: High School Principal ‘Put Himself In Harms Way’ Protecting Students From Iowa Shooter, Daughter Says)

Greenbelt Mayor Emmett V. Jordan also voiced his concern about the safety of the young generation. “If a group of high school students can not get together and have a good time, what is the world coming to,” he said, the outlet stated.

As of now, no arrests have been made. Police believe a single shooter, who fled as the shots were fired, is responsible for the violence, according to Fox News.