Pirates’ Aroldis Chapman Suspended For 2 Games, Fined After ‘Inappropriate Actions’ Against Umpire

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What I wanna know … what exactly was said?

Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman has been hit with a two-game suspension by MLB following the 36-year-old leaving the mound in Monday night’s game against the New York Mets, leading to a quick (but heated) incident with umpire Edwin Moscoso.

Major League Baseball also knocked Chapman with an “undisclosed fine” due to his “inappropriate actions.” (RELATED: Yusei Kikuchi Has Begun An Absolute Grade-A Tradition With His Blue Jays Teammates That Makes Me An Instant Fan)

If you know baseball, you know that Chapman has got some absolute heat when he pitches, but you’re also aware that he’s a bit of a hot-head and it sometimes gets him in trouble. And here we go again with this latest episode.

Things got sparked up in the eighth inning when the Mets scored two runs against Chapman. It’s not clear whether Chapman was ticked off at giving up the runs in general and just decided to take it out on the ump, or if something in particular happened between the two, but either way, Chapman was livid.

Something messed up had to be said here for 1. Aroldis Chapman to get ejected so quickly, and 2. For him to receive a two-game suspension. So what I wanna know, what did he say? This can’t be just because he left the mound, can it?

If so, how stupid by MLB, I didn’t even know that was a rule … which leads me to think even further that it was something that Chapman said.