‘Daily Show’ Hosts Mock Biden’s ‘Crazy’ Cannibal Story: ‘You’re Going To Lose The Election’

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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“The Daily Show” hosts Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng mocked President Joe Biden’s “crazy” cannibal story late Tuesday.

Biden recently said at a war memorial in Pennsylvania that his uncle, Second Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan, was shot down during WWII and never found because “there are a lot of cannibals” on the island. Klepper and Chieng pounced on Biden’s “crazy” anecdote, pointing to the president’s age.

“You’re gonna lose the election,” Chieng said of Biden.

“Look — at some point we all get to an age where we confused our own life story with the plot of Indiana Jones,” Klepper said. “It happens, it happens!”

“I know, it’s true,” Chieng agreed. “I mean, the man’s 80. We all have grandparents who tell crazy stories. Like, my grandfather told me that he once wrestled a mountain lion with his bare hands.”

“Yeah, and my grandfather told me that he cheated on my grandmother through their entire marriage and had a second family,” Klepper joked, laughing after. “Get out of here, grandpa, you goof ball!”

Papua New Guinea Prime Minster James Marape was aggrieved by Biden’s characterization of his country in his “cannibal” story, according to The Associated Press. He told the outlet that while Biden’s remarks may have been a “slip of the tongue,” Papua Guinea “does not deserve to be labeled” as a cannibalistic country. (RELATED: ‘This Asshole …’: ‘Daily Show’ Host Jordan Klepper Praises Social Media Law Signed By Gov. DeSantis)

“And uh, can I just say, uh, even if this story was true, uh, Americans are in no position to criticize how anyone else eats, okay? ‘These cannibals eat people!’ Yeah, well, you know what, we eat subway sandwiches to lose weight,” Chieng added.

“And would a cannibal even eat people out of a wreckage? I mean, that’s like their version of eating roadkill,” Klepper said.

“Yeah, I know, you want the, you wanna eat like pasture-raised, grass-fed humans,” Chieng said. “And by the way, I know the prime minister was upset, understandably, but hey, if someone accused by country of being cannibals … I’d just run with it. ‘Don’t fuck with us or we’ll put your dick on a Kaiser roll.”

“That’s fair, that’s fair,” Klepper responded. “Anyway — Biden apologized to the Paula New Guinea prime minister by inviting him to a dinner with Pete Buttigieg — who will be served over rice with a balsamic reductions.”