LSU Fan Gives Hilarious Interview After Taking Home Run Ball To The Dome That Would’ve Killed Lesser Men


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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An LSU baseball fan took a 109-mile-per-hour home run ball straight to the dome Tuesday night and shook it off like an absolute legend, video sports reporter Pat Timlin posted to Twitter shows.

“It was on a rope and uhh … you know I’ve been carrying this glove with me for years and I was like ‘ok, now’s my time, I got one coming’ and … hole in the glove, man what can I say? It beamed off my dome and here we are,” the fan, identified only as Cory, explained in the video.

“I’ve got a nice little goose egg,” Cory told the ESPN SEC Network reporter before showing him a beautiful shiner on his forehead.

“It don’t feel good,” he told the network. “It felt like every bit of a 109-mile-per-hour fastball, home run ball, yes.”

The ball hilariously bounced off his face and over the stadium’s fencing, likely gone forever. He was, however, gifted a different ball by team staff, a fitting spoil of war to go along with his battle scar. (RELATED: MLB Pitcher’s Absurd Psyche-Out Wind-Up Should Be Illegal)

Cory comically explained his plan to get the ball signed by the LSU Tiger who hit the skull-smashing dinger. “I guess probably Friday I’ll try to get Tommy White to sign it, maybe kiss my boo-boo.”

Cory was reportedly checked out by EMTs, according to Timlin, but as you can see from the video, he seems to be alright.

Cory is picture-proof that Southerners are truly built differently. In the same week that a professional baseballer was rushed to the hospital after being hit with a fly ball (no shade thrown at all, by the way. Prayers up for Jakob Junis) Cory’s ability to just absorb the impact of 109 miles per hour and shake it off like it’s nothing is massively impressive. Somebody should call DARPA and get this guy’s skull tested for foreign compounds or something. If Trump wins in November I will be personally petitioning him to build the border wall with whatever material Cory’s cranium is made of.