‘Collegiate Ohtani’ Jac Caglianone Making Waves With Insane Home Run Streak

Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

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Shohei Ohtani’s game-changing two-way legacy is paving the way for a whole new generation of hitter/pitcher hybrids: enter Jac Caglianone.

Caglianone, a sophomore at the University of Florida, is setting the college baseball world on fire after he hit a home run in his seventh straight game Tuesday. His latest blast was projected to be a 525-foot moonshot.

But not only is Caglianone a proven slugger for the Florida Gator, he’s also a stud of a pitcher, too.

Caglianone isn’t just playing two positions, he’s playing them both phenomenally.

The sensational star is batting an incredible .400 with 21 home runs in 36 games this season. He led the country in home runs in 2023 with 33. He’s also 4-0 with a 3.59 earned run average and has racked up 49 strikeouts in 39.1 innings on the mound. (RELATED: Shohei Ohtani’s Former Interpreter Surrenders To Law Enforcement)

The first baseman actually has a chance to be more of a unicorn than Ohtani. While his pitching numbers aren’t quite immaculate yet, the fact that he’s a lefty is an added wrinkle that’s sure to entice MLB front offices everywhere, hence MLB.com naming him the fifth prospect in the upcoming draft.

“Shohei’s definitely the guy that I’ve looked to ever since he’s busted on the scene,” he told MLB.com. “Just kind of his work ethic and how he goes about things, it’s been really helpful for me navigating through the college season.”

Cags is only 21 years old, so maybe comparing him to arguably the best baseball player on the planet is unfair. But he’s earned the comparison. While a few at the professional level have made inroads in replicating Ohtani’s two-way prowess, none have been allotted the opportunity to do so full-time. If Caglianone gets the call to the big leagues in the near future, his employer would be silly to not let him at least try.