Megyn Kelly Criticizes NBC’s ‘Unbelievable’ History With Sexual Assault Allegations Amid Trump Coverage

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly criticized NBC for its “unbelievable” history with sexual assault allegations amid the network’s coverage of former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow complained about “checkbook journalism” Monday night in a discussion about former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker’s testimony. She called it “a crime” not to publish unflattering Trump stories during the 2016 election, saying the “the difference” between Trump’s exchange with the tabloid and that of celebrities like Bill Cosby and Arnold Schwarzenegger was that the decision was made to “help Donald Trump win the election.”

Kelly criticized NBC and MSNBC for their coverage of Trump’s case involving a nondisclosure agreement with former porn star Stormy Daniels, pointing to the network’s own past with sexual misconduct allegations.

“I just want to say, the sanctimony espoused on that set last night about ‘checkbook journalism’ and how these media outlets would bury stories in exchange for, you know, some sort of an exclusive or for nefarious purposes that are really not above board is really rich coming from NBC News, which has been most infamous for having the Harvey Weinstein story,” Kelly said. “They knew he was raping women and sexually assaulting women — they had allegation after allegation through Ronan Farrow — and they spiked it and let Ronan Farrow walk out the door with what would be a Pulitzer Prize winning story on Harvey because, according to Ronan Farrow, they didn’t want Harvey to unleash on Matt Lauer, who they had reason to believe was hurting women inside of the NBC building, had been sexually harassing or assaulting women within their own roof.”

“And so they allowed, effectively, in my opinion, Harvey Weinstein’s rapes to keep going so that Matt Lauer’s sexual harassment and assault could keep going,” she continued. “That was the deal they struck, which does not give her the moral high ground to come out there and condemn Trump, saying, ‘Could you please bury the porn star’s allegation against me?’ In no way, shape or form, alleged to be non-consensual.”

“That’s the underlying sickness behind every discussion NBC’s having about this. And only those of us with a memory that’s longer than two minutes understand how wrong it is,” Kelly said.

Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 16 more years in prison in February 2023 following his December 2022 conviction of one count of rape and two counts of sexual assault — three years after he was found guilty of other sex crimes in New York City, NBC News reported. (RELATED: ‘This Has Nothing To Do With This’: CNN’s Dana Bash Interrupts Gov. Kristi Noem Over Biden, Trump Comparison)

Former NBC News personality Matt Lauer was fired after being accused of sexual misconduct in Nov. 2017. Journalist Ronan Farrow published a book called “Catch and Kill” about the allegations, which Lauer denies, in 2019.

“It’s really unbelievable to sit them, the very network — I mean, it’s the same thing. NBC and MSNBC have the same top executives at the top level,” Kelly said. “To sit there and try to sell to us that what we’re seeing with Trump is criminal after what they did.”

Trump was charged with 34 felony counts by New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg after being accused of falsifying business records to cover up an alleged “hush money” payment related to what Daniels claimed was an extramarital affair.

The Daily Caller reached out to NBC to see if the network has a response to Kelly’s comments.