‘You Motherf*ckers’: Video Shows Woman’s Explosive Meltdown At LAX, Realizes She’s At Wrong Terminal


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A video captured a woman’s explosive meltdown Wednesday at the Los Angeles International Airport, TMZ reported.

An unidentified woman’s frustration boiled over into a dramatic scene captured on video. The incident unfolded when the woman, apparently upset after Delta Airlines rescheduled her flight to the next day due to her missing the original one, unleashed a tirade filled with expletives at airline workers, according to TMZ.

The outburst, which included vehement demands to board the next flight immediately and have her expenses covered by Delta, escalated quickly. “So get me the fuck up on the next flight, you motherfuckers,” she screamed.

At one point, the woman even resorted to physically expressing her anger by punching the counter, all while hurling insults and demanding to speak with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whom she disparagingly referred to due to his role in overseeing aviation, the outlet stated. (RELATED: Airline CEOs Demand End To Biden’s Mask Mandate)

“Call Pete Buttigieg right now … that useless motherfucker,” she said. “Seriously, call people and judge right now.”

What the irate traveler didn’t realize until much later was that she was venting her fury at the WestJet counter, not Delta’s. This mix-up added a bizarre twist to the already tense situation. Her mood shifted dramatically once she became aware of her mistake, TMZ reported. What began as a furious rant quickly turned into laughter and light-hearted banter, as she joked about the situation and even playfully suggested that bystanders could serve as her chauffeurs to the correct terminal.