Union Apprentice Details Shift In Politics After Trump Visit, Says Biden Team Never Responded To Meeting Group

[Screenshot/Fox News/"Jesse Watters Primetime"]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Steamfitters Union apprentice Jason Murray detailed Thursday on Fox News the shift in politics for the group over the years, revealing that while former President Donald Trump was seen at a meet-up President Joe Biden never responded to the group.

Murray appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the former president’s meet-up with the New York City (NYC) group Thursday. Following a sound clip of Steamfitters Local 638 manager Bob Bartels, notably a lifelong Democrat, stating that workers are fed up with Biden administration policies, Fox host Jesse Watters asked the apprentice his thoughts behind the shift as the unions tended to be more liberal. (RELATED: ‘What’s Your Message To Joe Biden?’: Pro-Trump Union Worker Has Perfect, Two-Word Response)

“Yeah, just four years ago you could even see that our union said to support Biden,” Murray stated. “Immediately the week after he got into office and took over, laid off 10,000 of our workers. Some of my brothers.”

“He laid them off,” Watters repeated.

“Laid them off. The job was gone. They were out working on the pipeline, [he] shut down the pipeline. Now all these guys that had jobs, out there working trying to provide for their family, they don’t have a job anymore,” Murray responded.

“He didn’t really mention it. He just laid them off and that was it. No apology, no nothing. What else started to change that shifted your political leanings in the union towards Trump?” Watters asked.

“Just the cost of living going through the roof. Everything that they promised. They say more work, they say all this, and then all of a sudden they turn around. All these illegal immigrants coming in. I mean, [Governor] Kathy Hochul, she was trying to give our work away,” Murray stated.

“So it’s like, you say, the Democrats, you’re here for the working man, yet here you’re trying to give our jobs away to people that don’t even have legal status here yet.”

“I have conversations with guys on the job sites all the time. 2018 was one of the busiest times that any of us can remember in construction. That was during his [Trump’s] presidency,” Murray stated.

Watters asked Murray how it felt to see Trump on the site while undergoing his trial for allegedly falsifying business records.

“When you see Trump, I guess he’s there at 6:30 in the morning, he’s shaking hands and [then] he’s getting back to his freezing cage in court, how does that make you guys feel?” Watters asked.

“It’s actually a great feeling. Our business manager, who’s on TV, he reached out to every single presidential candidate to see if they wanted to address our membership. He got a response directly from Trump, directly from RFK [Jr.] and he has not received a single e-mail or memo from Biden or his team,” Murray revealed.

Murry called Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump a “shame” and a “kangaroo court” when asked about the fairness of the trial.

Trump was seen with the group Thursday morning, shaking hands with workers who appeared excited to see the former president. A clip of a Newsmax reporter interviewing one union worker on the street went viral shortly after the meet as he gave a two-letter message to Biden: “fuck you.” Later that day Trump was seen in court for his 34 felony count case alleging that he falsified business records to pay porn star Stormy Daniels in “hush money” payments.

Following the meet-up with the former president, Bartels revealed to Fox News that according to a poll of his union, Trump is leading Biden “three to one” out of 9,000 members surveyed.

“We are very tired of the situation with groceries, inflation, gas prices, illegal immigration, crime. We are living it every day in New York City,” Bartels stated.