‘You Don’t Know How Dumb You Are’: Tucker Goes Off On Anti-Hunting Liberals


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson went off on attempts to regulate hunting and fishing, telling opponents of both sports and ways of life to “stay away” during a recent speech in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Thursday.

Carlson blasted urban residents who strive to ban or regulate hunting and fishing, telling the audience of his speech that these people are “ignorant” and would “destroy” civilization if they got their way.

“We flatter ourselves. ‘Oh, you know, it’s us. And then all the animals.’ And I do think that people who live in cities and want to ban hunting ‘because it’s mean to animals’ are speaking out of such ignorance that it’s hard even to take it seriously,” Carlson said. “What do you know? What’s a deciduous versus a conifer? Like, name three bird species. Like, do you know anything about nature? Nothing. And it’s only from that position of ignorance that they can issue decrees that we’re banning hunting because it’s mean to animals.”

“And the response from people is like, ‘Well, where do you think food comes from?’ And they always say that you know where you think food comes from, what comes from animals, right? Protein comes from animals. But I would take it even, and the next step, which is to say, like ‘Shh… adults are talking,’” he continued. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You literally have no idea. You’re so ignorant.”

“By the way, stay away from our power grid,” Carlson added. “You don’t understand that either. You belong in the sociology department of a community college, and that’s fine. We can sort of wall you off.” (RELATED: ‘People Could Be Killed’: Tucker Carlson Tells Students Via Zoom His Alma Mater Banned Him From Campus)

Carlson said it is “totally fine” that some people work at community colleges, noting that they are “in [their] own little lane.” He that these people should not upset “the things that keep civilization going” like hunting and fishing.

“You’re in your little lane but stay away from the things that keep civilization going. Like energy and infrastructure and air travel. Like agriculture. And, yes, like hunting and fishing. Because you just don’t know. And that’s fine,” Carlson said.

“You live a spiritually impoverished life alone. Your only human contact is with a DoorDash guy and Netflix. And I’ll pray for you. But you get precisely zero power in our society because you’ll destroy it, because you’re dumb and you don’t know how dumb you are.”

State governments have enacted restrictions on hunting and fishing amid environmental concerns. Lobstermen in Maine, where Carlson talked about living in his speech, have reportedly quit as the Atlantic States Commission rolled out new regulations. The frustrated fishers are now required to report their catches to the agency due to lobster population concerns and allow the agency to track their boats.