‘Give Me A Break!’: Eric Trump Tells NYC To Focus On ‘Plexiglass’ At Stores Amid Trump’s Trial

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Eric Trump told Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo that New York City should focus on crime causing stores to guard their products instead of prosecuting presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Eric Trump stated his father “feels great” in spite of pressures related to New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan trial against the former president. The case brought by Bragg alleges falsified business records relating to a payment for a nondisclosure agreement with former porn star Stormy Daniels.

Eric Trump referenced President Joe Biden’s alleged cognitive decline, saying the president’s gaffes, inability to “finish a sentence” and struggle to “get down a pair of stairs” were the “exact reason” for his father’s prosecution, adding that New York should fix its “plexiglass” problem rather than “go after” Donald Trump.

“They want to torture my father, but no one is believing it,” he added. “Right now, Maria, New York is falling. You have homelessness through the roof, you have women being pushed in front of trains, you have cops that are being assassinated — assassinated in their squad cars! You have little kids that are being shot in Times Square and they’re going after a guy for a $130,000 payment?”

“Every day they close the courtroom, you know; they close the streets around the court — it costs 20 times that. Every time they shut down the FDR Drive, it costs 50 times that. No one believes it,” Eric Trump said. “All [the] while, in New York, you can’t go into Duane Reade, you can’t go into CVS and buy skin lotion because it has to be locked behind plexiglass because theft is so high. And the DA’s entire focus is Donald Trump? Give me a break, the country does not believe it.”

Crime in New York City remains high, with 18,265 reported instances of retail theft in 2024 year to date, according to data from the city’s police department. There were 4,868 robberies and 3,835 burglaries in 2024 year to date, according to the NYPD’s data.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Thursday regarding Trump’s claims that he holds “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution based on actions he took as president. Eric Trump warned that “big law firms and Washington, D.C.” are the only places where people will benefit if Trump is not afforded presidential immunity. (RELATED: Jonathan Turley Says Alvin Bragg Is Trump’s ‘Best Lawyer,’ Fox News Host Immediately Laughs)

“They are going to go after every single president. They’ll start with Obama: Fast and Furious, right, where he gives 2,000 weapons to cartel members. And then they’ll go to Obama where he weaponized the IRS against conservatives,” Eric Trump said.

“They’ll probably go after Joe Biden for having cocaine in the White House,” he continued. “They’ll go after Biden, then, for raiding his opponent’s home. They’ll probably go after him after that for literally two weeks before the 2022 primaries, literally depleting the petroleum national, you know, the reserves so he could lower gas prices by four cents and hopefully help him actually in the polls. I mean, where do you want us to stop? Are they going to go after George Bush for lying about, you know, weapons of mass destruction? You know, where does this stop, Maria?”

“The only people that are gonna win are gonna be the lawyers in Washington, D.C.,” Eric Trump said. “The floodgates are gonna open, and I guarantee you, Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House doors before they start going after him legally, ruthlessly. Presidents need immunity in this country. If they don’t, their entire tenure as president is literally gonna be filled in depositions and subpoenas like they’ve tried to do [with] my father for the last eight years. We can’t have this legal lawfare in this country. We need a president to actually be able to function and run the United States of America.”