‘Genderseason’: New Identity Added To LGBTQ Spectrum


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A new gender identity appears to have been recently added to the LGBTQ spectrum.

“Genderseason” was described by Dee Whitnell, a social media influencer, as a “micro-identity” used to describe when a person feels as though their gender changes with the season.

“Gender season is an individual who explores their gender identity in relation to a season, or all the seasons,” Whitnell said in a video posted on YouTube. “So this might be somebody whose gender expression and identity is linked to one season — so, for example, winter — or this might be somebody whose gender identity and expression changes depending on the season.”

A person claiming to be “genderseason” may identify as a different genders during different seasons. Whitnell explained that some but not all transgender individuals like herself have gender identities affected by the seasons, giving an example of how she dresses more masculine in the summer and more feminine in the winter. (RELATED: Missing Child Of Slack Co-Founder Discovered In Van With ‘Family Friend,’ Police Say)

“For myself, I feel more masculine in the summertime. I wear more masculine clothing, I wear shorts, I normally have my hair up more, and I just feel more ‘boy,’” Whitnell said. “Whereas in the wintertime, girl mode comes out and I’m loving skirts and dresses and having my hair down.”

“This might be because in the summertime, I get sensory issues because of the heat, so I wear my hair up and I wear less clothing. Whereas in the winter, I’m in multiple layers, so I can wear stuff that’s a little more girly or ‘girl-coded’ or a bit more frilly, because I can experiment with the layers to make it a combination of ‘masc’ and ’fem’ that suits me.”

Although Whitnell said that realizing that she changes how she dresses depending on the season made her realize she is “genderseason,” Whitnell acknowledged that “gender and expression are completely different.”

“So when my ex used to say to me, ‘Oh you changed gender depending on the season,’ I wouldn’t say I ‘changed gender’ because I’ve always been fluid. I just changed my expression,” Whitnell said.

Gender fluidity describes a people who feels as though their gender identity “can change over time or from day-to-day,” according to WebMD. For example, people who are gender fluid may believe they are a woman one day, then believe they are a man the next day.