FBI Visited Tulsi Gabbard’s Friend In Rural Hawaii For Disturbing, Dystopian Reason, She Tells Rogan


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard told Joe Rogan a dystopian story about the FBI visiting her friend in rural Hawaii simply because he attended January 6.

Wednesday appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

“He’s like ‘oh the FBI just came to my house out in Lāʻie,’ small rural community on the island of Oahu,” Gabbard told Rogan.

“I was like ‘What’s going on?’ He’s like ‘Yeah, they came and knocked on my door because I took my son to go and witness democracy.’ So they were part of those thousands of people who were out on the lawn of the capital. They didn’t arrest him, they didn’t charge him with anything … but how is it that years later, years later they go and find this guy and his family in a rural Mormon community in Lāʻie in Hawaii?” Gabbard asked, incensed.

“They’re capturing all of the data of people whose cell phones were pinging within that vicinity during that period of time, not only on January 6th, and they are continuing to widen that net, looking at flight records and who bought tickets and who booked hotels and all of this stuff for what?” she asked

“You’re going to go, the FBI is going to go and investigate people who showed up there on the lawn on the capital?”
“Scare tactics,” Rogan interjected. (RELATED: Supreme Court To Weigh Case That Could Upend Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Prosecutions)
“It is absolutely scare tactics,” Gabbard agreed. “So when we look at the power of the government and how they’re now turning on the American people for political reasons we can see where even the best of intentions with some of these pieces of legislation can lead to the very worst places,” Gabbard said.
“What to speak of the fact that we have limited resources and limited people, what are they not investigating?” she asked.
“You talked about the DEA, what about the FBI and all these millions of people coming across our border? Are they tracking who they are? No, they’re not. Are they tracking where they’re going? No, they’re not. We have no idea. People coming from the Middle East and Asia and Eastern Europe and Venezuela, gang members, like all of this stuff is happening right before our very eyes and they’re going and knocking on my friend’s door in Lāʻie because he brought his 14-year-old son to Washington D.C. that week?” Gabbard questioned.
“And here’s the question,” Rogan postured. “Was the FBI there? How many people were there and how come they don’t have to answer that?” he asked.
“Exactly,” Gabbard agreed. “Why not be transparent?”