‘You’re Gay Every Day Of The Year’: Piers Morgan, Guests Clash On Upcoming Pride Flag Changes, Pride Month Celebration

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Show host Piers Morgan and his panel clashed Thursday during his show while discussing new changes made to the pride flag as the month celebrating the LGBTQ community grows closer.

Conservative commentator Brandon Tatum, transgender conservative YouTube blogger Blaire White, British commentator Esther Krakue and LGBT advocate James Barr appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” to discuss the change to the LGBT community’s flag as a new umbrella has been added to it. Morgan called the flag a “psychedelic vomit mess,” triggering Barr to push back and ask why it mattered.

Tatum, however, jumped in stating that the Pride flag was unnecessary overall, saying the American flag encompasses all no matter the person’s beliefs. The two commentators began to go at it, with Barr pushing back on Tatum’s statements. (RELATED: Target CEO Falsely Claims Store Never Sold Trans Merchandise Targeting Kids)

“We don’t need to do that,” Tatum stated. “I think if you’re an American you’re all encompassed under the American flag. We’re all Americans whether you’re gay, straight, blind, you can see, crippled — it doesn’t matter we’re all Americans. We should be accepting of one another, we don’t have to like one another. We don’t have to like what each other does, but we should be accepting. That’s the way that normal people believe. It’s the trans and the LGBTQAARP that are hateful and divisive.”
“So wait, are you saying that when you go past a Ford factory and they’ve got a big Ford flag outside or a Chrysler flag? Are you not allowed those flags because those flags don’t represent the country?” Barr asked.
“So you’re saying that —” Tatum began.
“Well you’re saying that I can’t have a pride flag because the American flag does the job, so does that mean all flags are banned?” Barr asked.
“What you’re saying is that the LGBTQ is a business. Is that what you’re saying?” Tatum questioned.
“No, I’m using a crazy analogy to try and understand what you’re saying about how my identity as a gay man is not allowed because I’m also British,” Barr pushed.
“Because it never ends, brother,” Tatum stated.

Following the heated discussion, Barr teased Morgan by giving him a miniature version of the new flag with Morgan’s face on it. As Morgan and the other panelists laughed at the offer, the show host continued to call out the community’s ” ludicrous ” development as they continued to add onto their name.
“Here’s what I feel is, the reason they keep changing the pride flag is the definition of what it is to be LGBT has now been increased to so many ludicrous numbers of digits, numbers, and letters. Nobody knows what it means, it has lost all meaning. It needs to just be lesbian and gay — we get it,” Morgan stated. “I’m proud of anyone who wants to come out as gay, but here’s the thing — we’re about to enter pride month again. A whole month of shouting about being gay. Why?”
“It’s about to be a nightmare,” White jumped in.
“No it’s about shouting about being LGBTQIA+,” Barr corrected.
“Nobody tells you — you’re gay every day of the year, every day of the year. Loud and proud, why do you need a whole special month? Where’s my month?” Morgan questioned.
“You don’t need a straight month,” Barr pushed back.
“Why? I want a straight month! I’m now the most marginalized member of the community,” Morgan responded.
“You know why. Because the rest of the year is always straight. Every day is straight. We live in a society that is straight. It’s a straight jacket around us,” Barr claimed.
“Are you serious? When was the last time anybody spoke up for middle-aged straight white guys, like me?” Morgan asked.
“Because you’re the patriarchy, Piers. Stop this stupid argument,” Barr stated.
“We are actually the minority now. We’re the minority group,” Morgan concluded.