Deadly Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Destruction Straight Out Of A Horror Film


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Footage from the aftermath of Monday’s deadly tornado in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, is emerging and the results have been devastating.

Barnsdall, a small, 1,000-person town on Oklahoma’s Osage Reservation just north of Tulsa, was leveled with its second tornado in five weeks when a powerful storm swept through on Monday night. Footage captured by MyRadar Weather shows a decimated town with homes destroyed, ripped from their foundation, trees uprooted and rubble lying everywhere.

The footage captures the truly terrifying extent of Mother Nature’s power, as wide-angle shots show the entire town annihilated by the twister. (RELATED: Shocking Video Reveals Terrifying Power Of Large Tornado)

One video shows a home so thoroughly obliterated that its door was fully embedded into a tree.

Another video shows an eerie fog creeping in over the town at dawn as news crews and residents are finally able to assess the damage in the morning light after the tornado swept through in the dead of night.

A video captured by a Barnsdall resident showed the force of nature infiltrating the town Monday night.

The video shows a gargantuan tube of wind and debris revealed through the darkness by brief flashes of bright purple lightning.

The entire ordeal is terrifying and I can’t help but feel for the residents of this small town who lost their homes, and in at least one case, a family member.

Search and rescue efforts are ongoing, but officials said they had recorded at least one death from the incident as of the time of this article, according to the Weather Channel’s Charles Peek.

The incident goes to show how precious life is and how it can be taken from any of us at any minute.