EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Pitch Reveals Plot By Former Vivek Staffer To Use MAGA Influencers Against Trump, For RFK

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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A former communications staffer for Vivek Ramaswamy’s 2024 presidential campaign has been trying to leverage pro-Trump and conservative figures to boost content in favor of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running against former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden for the White House, according to a leaked pitch deck obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

Zach Henry, who worked as the Deputy Communications Director for Ramaswamy’s campaign, has since started his own firm, Total Virality, and is taking money from the Kennedy campaign. According to FEC reports, RFK Jr.’s campaign paid Total Virality nearly $8,000 in March for “influencer engagement.”

(Screenshot/FEC Disbursements/Daily Caller)

The pitch deck obtained by the Daily Caller shows that Henry was touting his work with RFK alongside screenshots of prominent conservative twitter users.

(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

“RFK’s team contracted Total Virality to help boost his SOTU video. The original agreed upon goal was 4M views (this would have made it the third-highest viewed video ever posted by RFK on the platform),” slide three of the deck says. “We delivered 6M views in the first 24 hours leveraging a custom list of influencers – many of whom were already in our network as well as others we added specifically to this project. It is now RFK’s most-viewed video ever on X.”

The same slide includes screenshots of various prominent Twitter users sharing Kennedy’s State of the Union response video, including avowed Trump supporters and other conservative figures like Scott Adams, Alex Jones, Oli London, Ian Miles Cheong and Joey Mannarino, among others.

A source close to Ramaswamy confirmed that the former candidate and now-Trump surrogate was “pissed” when he found out in the press Henry was working for RFK. Henry was terminated immediately from the small contract they had based on “conflict of interest,” according to the source.

“This is just creating such a fucking headache,” the source added. “I don’t want to bury the kid but he has played this all horribly.”

The Caller contacted several individuals who are featured in the leaked pitch deck to ask if they accepted money to promote RFK Jr. Each of them said they had not, and several quickly reaffirmed their commitment to Trump.

“I have never been paid to promote RFK Jr. and have posted things slamming him and his insane Leftist VP candidate a few times. I do not support RFK Jr. and never have supported RFK Jr. I have been with Trump since 2016 and will be until the moment he leaves office in January 2029,” Mannarino, a pro-Trump podcast host, told the Caller. “I do know the founder of Total Virality from his time with Vivek Ramaswamy and have shared things for him for other campaigns he’s worked with – all Republicans. Anything I’ve shared from RFK in the past were when they proved a point against Biden. Now that his campaign has clearly pivoted to attacking Trump, I have no interest in sharing him even if he does occasionally make a good point.”

Ezra Levant of Rebel News also appears in the pitch deck, and similarly denied working with Henry.

“It’s not true. I’ve never been hired or paid by the RFK Jr. campaign or anyone else — my tweets are whatever I find interesting. Occasionally politicians or their staff send me tweets, and if they interest me I might retweet them,” Levant told the Caller. “I think this is a case of some consultant trying to take credit (and bill for) my tweets. We do sell ads at Rebel News but I don’t believe any American campaign has ever bought any. Of course anything paid for is clearly marked as an ad.”

One political consultant who spoke with the Caller said it wasn’t an unheard-of tactic for certain firms to take credit for social media posts they had nothing to do with: “I certainly have seen it before… it’s quite deceiving.”

Lavern Spicer, who is running as a Republican for Congress in Florida, told the Caller: “RFK can kiss my Black ass and I never been paid to promote RFK in my life.”

When reached for comment, Henry accused the Trump campaign of running an intimidation operation against conservatives who had said positive things about Kennedy in the past. (RELATED: ‘Election Interference’: Bragg Case Gag Order Puts Unprecedented Limitations On Trump Campaign)

“Contrary to popular belief, there are social media influencers out there whose brands are not strictly political and who share a wide variety of content. Concerning Kennedy, I helped on a project for his team back in March, two months after I had left Vivek’s campaign,” Henry told the Caller in a statement.

“Our influencer network is diverse and ‘MAGA influencers’ weren’t paid on that project. Sadly, I have learned in the past 24 hours that certain Trump campaign employees are hunting down conservative influencers who have shared RFK-related content on their personal accounts in the past, interrogating them on if they were paid to do so.”

“As if sharing a post from a candidate not named Trump because you agree with the message conveyed in that specific post is grounds for ostracism. If free speech and expression are now outlawed in that world, then mark me down persona non grata — that’s not the party I’ve spent a decade promoting. That’s something very new,” Henry added.

The Caller followed up to ask Henry why his deck featured numerous ‘MAGA influencers’ for the RFK promotion if he didn’t pay any of them for it, and whether he had paid NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is also featured in the deck, for a tweet.

“Ha,” he replied, before saying he had no further comment.

Henry has continued retweeting pro-RFK Jr. content and anti-Trump posts as of Wednesday.

(Screenshot/Zach Henry/Twitter)

(Screenshot/Zach Henry/Twitter)

(Screenshot/Zach Henry/Twitter)

(Screenshot/Zach Henry/Twitter)

(Screenshot/Zach Henry/Twitter)

“RFK Jr. supported Hillary in 2016 and campaigned for Obama and Biden in 2008. He fought against the border wall, supports the Green New Deal, and thinks ‘red state people’ are murderers. He’s so far-left that he thinks the NRA is a ‘terror group.’ You can’t call yourself a ‘conservative’ and support RFK Jr. This radical refused to say sex-change surgeries for minors should be banned! You’re supporting a Democrat Plant and the far-left agenda,” Donald Trump Jr., told the Caller.

Trump-aligned operative Alex Bruesewitz echoed Trump Jr., telling the Caller that any conservative influencer who takes money to promote RFK Jr. should be ashamed.

“RFK Jr. is a far-left radical nut job who supports ‘sex change surgeries’ for minors, thinks ‘climate change’ is the most important issue we face, and has also called Voter ID laws racist. He is only running to try to sabotage Trump & MAGA. Any ‘conservative’ influencer who takes money to promote this leftist hack should be ashamed of themselves. Saving our country is more important than a few bucks,” Bruesewitz said.

The Caller contacted the Kennedy campaign about their work with Henry, to which they did not immediately respond.