Video Captures Moment Dad’s Head Bursts Into Flames At Gender Reveal


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Video captured the moment when a father-to-be had his head briefly alight during a gender reveal party in Linhares, Brazil, The New York Post reported Wednesday.

A video tweeted out by the New York Post showed the fireball appeared to show blue smoke billowing as a woman and a man smiled when a fireball unexpectedly formed around the man’s head for a few seconds. Partygoers could be heard reacting in fear and shock, but the man could be seen apparently safe while waving off the smoke after the fire went out. Another perspective showed someone spraying blue smoke into the crowd before the fireball quickly formed and dissipated. (RELATED: JPMorgan Reportedly Held A ‘Gender Reveal Party’ For A Computer Software)

The father-to-be sustained only minor burns from the incident, the outlet reported.

Gender reveal parties are a modern phenomenon with the origins of the practice dating back to 2008 in the United States, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News reported. The purpose of the party is to reveal to family and friends the gender of an unborn baby, the outlet noted.

However, this practice has had its history of disastrous mishaps. A pilot died on Sept. 2 after participating in one such party in Mexico after his plane was shot by a confetti cannon. A couple were charged with involuntary manslaughter on July 21, 2021, after their party allegedly was the cause of deadly wildfires in California in 2020. Authorities say that the ignition of a smoke bomb at the party sparked the fire even as the couple tried to douse the fire with water.