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Andrew Breitbart, master of the rope-a-dope

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If you’re too young to remember Ali vs. Foreman — which most of the people I work with are, damn them — Ali used something he called the rope-a-dope to win. Basically, he let Foreman beat the hell out of him until Foreman got tired, and then Ali swabbed the canvas with him. “Rope-a-dope” has now become shorthand for any strategy where you let your opponent think he’s winning, as you bide your time until you’re ready to strike back.

Breitbart used this technique to great effect during the ACORN sting. He predicted exactly what his opponent was going to do — make statements of fact that they knew not to be true — and allowed it. Then he made his countermove by proving them wrong with hard evidence. He did this over and over, and they fell for it every time.

Has he done it again? We’ve just had a full week of what MSNBC has dubbed, in a masterpiece of understatement, “Watergate Jr.” Big win, right? Well…

U.S. Attorney Steps Down From O’Keefe Case

I’m no Jack McCoy, but if you’ve got a solid case, don’t you tend to stick around to argue it?

(thx yet again Hot Air lol)

Jim Treacher