The Last of the Paterson Donors

Pat McMahon Contributor
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However grim things get for Governor David Paterson, people continue to give him money.

Some of Mr. Paterson’s remaining donors gamely profess to believe that he could turn the state—and his political fortunes—around, although they also tend to praise Mr. Paterson’s “attempts” to do things, rather than citing actual victories, and to defend the governor by noting the trying circumstances under which he assumed office.

Some of these donors have business before the state. Some have taken to contributing to both the governor and his rival, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (Mr. Paterson’s campaign has $2,915,556.84 currently on hand; Mr. Cuomo’s has $16,115,565.94), and some say that even though they have contributed recently, they now plan to stop funding Mr. Paterson altogether.

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