Bill Gates comes to Washington, makes eye contact ‘like a man’

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Carol Joynt–Washington socialite, Sally Quinn expert, and now, man-o-meter–met Bill Gates Wednesday night at a Kennedy Center event. She came away from the brief encounter impressed not just by the Microsoft mogul’s refusal to roll six deep with armed guards, but also by his manly gaze:

Our time together lasted not even a minute but I did get to meet Bill Gates last night outside the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center. We were both there for the Vital Voices awards gala, where his wife, Melinda, was among the honorees. He arrived well after the show had begun–but before Melinda spoke–and was accompanied by a small and discreet entourage. No big beefy muscle. It was cool.

Gates was approachable and friendly enough for a man who has to be somewhat on guard with the approach by strangers. I’ll say this, when he made eye contact it was like a man and not a nerd.

Emphasis mine, but probably Joynt’s, too.