Sandra Bullock moves out after learning Jesse James’ alleged mistress Michelle McGee is revealed to be a stripper

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Although Jesse James told People yesterday that, “the vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded,” Bullock’s husband still hasn’t flat out denied having an affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Today, the NY Post reports new information about the alleged mistress:

McGee’s ex-husband, Shane Modica — with whom she has a 5-year-son, Avery — claimed in court papers filed in San Diego in January that “as years go by, Avery’s mother slips more and more into stripping, pills, alcohol and performances she does online, pornography that she has brought into our home.”

Modica wrote that McGee recently had a large swastika tattooed on her stomach, spelled out “White Power” in magnets on her refrigerator, dated gang members and performed in strip clubs under their son’s name.