Tournament demonstrates lack of talent gap in college basketball

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Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim says let this first nip-and-tuck weekend of the NCAA tournament be a lesson to us all.

“The problem with college basketball is there’s not a big gap,” Boeheim explained Sunday of the relative talent levels of the majors and mid-majors. “Everyone wants to make it seem like it’s a big gap. It’s not a big gap.”

Wait an upper-state New York minute.

Syracuse won its first two tournament games by 23 and 22 points — that’s the Cumberland Gap.

Boeheim must be talking about everybody else — his team looks unstoppable — but we’re hip to his general point.

There’s all this teeth-gnashing before the tournament about seeding positions, and which conference is best and worst. And a lot of it ends up being Arkansas hogwash.

On any given day, reputation, tradition, dreams and games can be taken.

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