Lindsay Lohan shocks with gaunt appearance, erratic behavior

interns Contributor

Reports regarding the dire health of Lindsay Lohan are stacking up, with some insiders suggesting that the troubled actress is on the verge of a complete breakdown. And even though the 23-year-old is still larger than life when it comes to the LA nightlife scene, her frame seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.

While Lohan appeared to be a healthy size at the recent Nokia X6 launch party, just days later at Paris Fashion Week, she showed up looking shockingly gaunt.

According to a health expert, those constant fluctuations could be seriously detrimental to her health.

“This is dangerous both physically and psychologically,” LA-based psychologist Dr. James E. Walton said. “This behavior mimics the behavior of those people who are experiencing the negative effect of drug and/or alcohol abuse. They lose sight of any accurate form of self-observation. It only takes one bad decision to end up in a disastrous situation.”

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