America’s best ballpark food – the top 5 stadium cuisine

The Daily Caller

At long last, it’s baseball season.  That means it’s time to sit back on hot summer nights and listen to the crack of bats while chowing down on some truly delicious cuisine.

You’ve got a lot to be excited about: succulent roast pork and provolone sandwiches, peppery clam chowder in a puffy bread bowl and spicy chorizo are just a few choices on the menu this season.

Those are foods you think of when you imagine ball park food, isn’t it? … No? Oh. Well, then you need to check these ballparks out.

Using a variety of reviews from around the country, we’ve narrowed down the top five stadiums with the best food in the MLB.  Check out what the ballparks have to offer and, next time you visit one, get ready to enjoy way more than just the game.

Bon appetit!