From Russia with love

Chet Nagle Former CIA Agent
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Media ignore the disasters, praying they will go away, but two effects of White House foreign policy are already on display this week. Traffic jams caused by Washington’s ballyhooed “Nuclear Summit” are missing two cavalcades. It seems that Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have something better to do than meet with Mr. Obama. Oh dear.

Why are such important leaders uninterested in the president’s latest quest for the liberal limelight? Mr. Brown’s parliament officially noted the Obama administration had killed the “special relationship” (and Brown didn’t need any more DVDs); Mr. Netanyahu didn’t want to be sent home without dinner again. Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s Dear Leader, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran were simply too busy making nuclear weapons to take time out for any “Nuclear Summit.”

But the White House soldiers on anyway, heedless of these unfortunate setbacks. After all, there is that wonderful Nuclear Policy Review in which the Obama administration promises they will not nuke any nation that attacks the United States with biological or chemical weapons, as long as the attacker has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. What a relief for Iran, Syria, and Islamic terrorists everywhere! And then there is the new START treaty with Russia that the White House plans to use to eviscerate our nuclear arsenal. Fortunately, an event took place that should help the senate decide whether or not to ratify START; a Russian company just announced they are ready to sell a deadly new cruise missile system on the global market—the Club-K Container Missile System.

What is it? Simple. It is four cruise missiles and a launch system packaged in a standard 40 foot shipping container. These are the containers you see on ships in every major harbor, on railroad flatcars, and rolling down our highways on flatbed trucks. The graphic below shows a small commercial ship, like hundreds of such vessels near American shores right now. This one has a Club-K container on board. You can see that the top of the container has folded open, and the four missiles are erected in their launch tubes. If that image does not make your skin crawl, then go to the Russian company website and watch a video that shows the system in action.

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The animated movie shows the Club-K System in action. To the strains of “Born Free,” a beautiful nation of palm trees and beaches is seen loading shipping containers on ships, trains, and trucks to be sent to a nearby country. The neighbor is shown in somber shades of gray. Once they arrive at the launch positions the shipping containers open, the cruise missiles are boosted out of the launch tubes and travel hundreds of miles to destroy the gray neighbor’s tanks, planes and ships. The missiles shown in the video are armed with conventional warheads, not nuclear weapons. But what if they were carrying nuclear warheads? And what if, in a different movie, just one of those containers was put on a commercial ship that was sent to our Atlantic coast? Or to our Pacific coast, or the Gulf, or the Great Lakes? To find it, the Coast Guard and Navy would have to be very lucky indeed. But there is an even worse scenario.

In support of his various policy reviews, treaties, and summits, President Obama says the most dangerous threat facing the world today is terrorists armed with nuclear weapons. But the likelihood of terrorists building or even stealing an atomic bomb is remote. It is much easier for them to get anthrax, nerve gas, or radioactive dust from spent nuclear power plant fuel rods. With the pin point accuracy of a single Club-K Container Missile System they could easily kill tens of thousands of Americans, and make the hearts of four major cities uninhabitable for decades.

The jihad warriors of Islam are planning to kill Jews and Christians and all infidels who do not submit to Shariah law. They say so every day. Perhaps one of them is in Moscow right now, walking into number 29 Entuziastov Avenue. The sales manager of Concern Morinformsystem-Agat will be happy to show him the latest model of the Club-K system.