Top Republican Issa renews calls for investigation of Sestak bribery

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Upon learning that President Obama had congratulated Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial primary winner Joe Sestak, Rep. Darrell Issa renewed his call that the Department of Justice investigate allegations that Obama offered Sestak an appointed position in exchange for not running in the Democratic primary.

“Could the reason why Congressman Joe Sestak refuses to name names is because the very people who tried to bribe him are now his benefactors?” A press release from Issa’s office reads.

“For months, Sestak has repeatedly said without equivocation that the White House illegally offered him a federal job in exchange for dropping out of the race.  Was Joe Sestak embellishing what really happened or does he have first-hand knowledge of the White House breaking the law?  If what he said is the truth, Joe Sestak has a moral imperative to come forward and expose who within the Obama administration tried to bribe him.”

During a radio appearance in February, Sestak told radio Larry Kane that he’s been offered a position. “I’m not going to say who or how and what was offered,” Sestak said in a later interview. “I don’t feel it’s appropriate to go beyond what I said.”

When asked at a hearing last week if the Department of Justice had begun investigating Sestak’s allegations, Attorney General Eric Holder punted the question. “It is the department’s policy not to comment on any of — anything — not to comment on pending matters to say there is an investigation, to say there is not an investigation. That is not the way in which the Department of Justice, under Republican or Democratic attorneys general, conduct (inaudible). That is not what we do. And that is the way I can answer the question that you’ve posed to me.”