Kurt Cobain art exhibit opens in Seattle

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Kurt the art exhibition, like Kurt the person (and Kurdt the rock star, as he called himself), is complicated. One fan on opening day at Seattle Art Museum last week had been at the memorial 16 years ago; he’d loaded up his iPod with Nirvana to walk the galleries. But he wasn’t satisfied. The songs, his memories, and the art weren’t coming together.

Kurt is an exhibition of drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos, and sounds by artists from Seattle and around the world in response to Kurt Cobain’s life, music, writings, and death. Would Kurt like Kurt? The question collapses under its own paradox: Kurt wouldn’t exist if Kurt were here.

The exhibit is full of artists reacting against that lack of boundaries, being post-romantic. Many of them tread tentatively, making drawings that can be undone rather than paintings with ambitions to last forever. Drawings are rehearsals; for Kurt, fatally, everything was performance

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