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American Hero Joe McGinniss harassed by reporters

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“Get off. You’re trespassing. I don’t want to have to call the Wasilla Police. Get off my property. Now. I am going to put in the call.”

If I need to explain to you why this is funny, it means this site isn’t blocked by the Washington Post. Yet.

How do you like that new fence? They built the dang thing on the advice of John McCain.

And now, some recycled tweets I tweeted because I enjoy tweeting:

What if Sarah Palin’s mowing the lawn one day and she misses a spot? Ever think about THAT, wingnuts? #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

I can’t wait to find out whether Palin sorts her recyclables or just throws everything away to destroy the planet. #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

Do the Palins leave any lights on when they’re not home, wasting electricity and contributing to global warming? #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

Is Willow Palin really doing her homework, or just talking on the phone about boys? #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

Do you really think that second beer is a good idea, Todd? #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

Why hack her e-mail, you amateurs, when you can watch her go out to her actual mailbox? #AmericanHeroJoeMcGinniss

(Hat tip: Mary Katharine Ham)

P.S. James O’Keefe could’ve avoided the worldshattering scandal known as Watergate Jr. New Coke 2 if he’d just moved in next door to Mary Landrieu.

P.P.S. I think Alex Pareene wants to be a writer when she grows up.

Jim Treacher