At least Biden will be there?

Heather Bachman Contributor
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When it was announced that our current president will be going to his hometown to celebrate Memorial Day the response was almost laughable: At least Biden will be there.

Once again, we see in Obama a lack of realization that this is not a job but a calling that carries an immense requirement of dedication and sacrifice. Every leader who sent patriotic mass e-mails on this holiday reflected one statement: It is not about the parties you have in your backyard but the reflection you carry for the soldiers who serve this country. President Obama himself has continually attempted to state such a phrase. However, while actions speak louder than words, his recent one screams against any pro-military statement he ever uttered.

Instead of following in many of his predecessors’ traditional footsteps as president and change the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he took his family to a party out of state and left our vice president to do the duty. Forgetting the challenging times we live in, standing in a war and attempting to climb out of a continuing recession, Obama did what Obama wanted to do. As soon as any reaction to this had a chance to make real waves, it was quickly covered up by much of the media with video of Biden standing at the cemetery and discussions about the Chicago rainstorm that washed out some of the president’s plans. No matter how you cut it, President Obama openly retorted to the independent time we are currently in with the same ignorance he shows the nation during regular days by deciding to do what he wants instead of what is required of him. Through this action, he has inadvertently spit in the face of every American fighter.

Despite any argument, in this day and age there is no way any other president could have done this and gotten away without even a slap on the wrist. For example: What if President Bush and Laura instead of spending their Memorial Day in Washington paying their respects to the fallen decided to take Air Force One to Texas for Jeb’s party? “Bush BBQ’s while Soldiers Sacrifice” sounds like a pretty good title you would see. In fact, it seems that the media pats the current president on the back averting our attention by showing Biden doing the duty of our “leader” and other related stories.

Nonetheless the real risk is the message this gives to our men and women who cannot go to their hometowns or will never see their hometowns again when they see their own leader cannot even sacrifice a home barbeque to show respect to our soldiers is disastrous. We must also realize the tomb carries soldiers whose families still don’t know they are home yet. The use of Vice President Biden as a replacement shows the uncaring nature of this current leader and how much he sees this position as nothing more than a burdensome job which he can leave at any moment for trips, barbeques and family outings instead of a political calling that requires everything in him.

There are very few objectives we have left to commemorate what our nation’s combatants do for us over the lifetime of our nation. The president changing the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a common sense practice of our nation as well as an American institution, which should be held close especially in times such as these. A point not only of war but of such challenges as today, where reflection of the men and women who continually serve this country in our time of need is something to both keep the humanity of this country and to assure every citizen here and overseas that we are America first and always. However, considering his recent actions, I am guessing Obama missed that memo.

Heather Bachman is a political commentator and broadcaster and a New Jersey native. More information can be found at HeatherBachman.com.