Updates on a few of today’s popular yet over-the-top music artists

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Don’t call her name, ‘Alejandro’

Lady Gaga’s music video for her new hit single “Alejandro” is going to be her craziest yet, according to People Magazine. The video, which doesn’t premiere in full until Monday, is a throwback to Madonna’s “Vogue” and “Express Yourself.” According to Gaga herself, the video has a “homoerotic military” theme. Go figure:

Adam Lambert gives ‘tasteful’ a try

Adam Lambert’s overly-sexual performance at the 2009 American Music Awards was a little too scandalous for many viewers. As he embarks on his first national tour, Lambert is promising fans a show that is “tasteful” but still “sexy,” reports Reuters.

The American Idol season 8 runner up describes his Glam Nation Tour as “its own little world” of “kitschy, glam, voodoo, crystal ball, and black magic” with “psychedelic classic rock” references. Yeah, that sounds pretty straightforward, right?

‘Your love is my’… feather?

Ke$ha made quite the fashion statement this past weekend, hitting the red carpet of the 2010 MTV World Stage VMAJ Awards wearing a massive feathered headpiece.

The Daily Mail reports that the pop singer/rapper, who paired the elaborate headpiece with a leather bodysuit, has been given the nickname “Baby Gaga.”