Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ‘Breakdown’ and create another album, ‘Mojo’

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The 59-year-old rocker’s first album with the Heartbreakers since 2002 has him so pleased that he’s taking the boys on tour too. But they won’t reach L.A. until the fall.

Tom Petty casually rolled back the sliding glass door at his rustic beach house in Malibu and stepped out onto the deck for a clear look at the waves crashing on the sand a dozen yards away. Surveying the picture-perfect blue sky and sparkling water to match, the 59-year-old rocker took in the view surrounding him and couldn’t help noticing two young women sunbathing topless in front of the house next to his.

The record business may be in disarray, but on days like this, it’s still good to be a rock star — a job Petty has fulfilled admirably for more than 30 years now.

A couple of decades earlier things might have transpired differently, but on this day, Petty simply cracked a wry smile at the scene next door and stepped back inside. He had other things on his mind, chiefly his new album, “Mojo,” which hits stores Tuesday. He left the beach in the care of his wife of nearly a decade, Dana, who pulled up a chair to soak up some sun while her husband turned his attention to his first love, music.

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